All That Glitters

All That Glitters

All That Glitters

All That Glitters by Loren K. Jones (96,880 words)


Book One in the Stavin Kel'Aniston Dragonblessed series

When the ancient Empire of Luxand dissolved into chaos, the seven province of the empire went their separate ways, controlled by the old provincial governors. In a short time the governors named themselves kings, and took their place as the heads of their kingdoms.

In the Kingdom of Farindia, the ancient caldera that was called Kel'Kavin was home to a communit of the old Farindian Royal Guards. When Farindia was destroyed from within by the corruption of its king, the Old Guard went their own way. Now, two hundred years later, the fabled Warriors of Kel'Kavin must hire themselves out to earn the gold their people need to buy what they cannot make or grow for themselves.

This is the story of one of those warriors, Stavin Kel'Aniston, a boy trained from birth to be a warrior. He has come-of-age and joins the expeditions as a caravan guard. Neither he nor any of his people could imagine the future that lay ahead for him - and his people.


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Loren K. Jones
Loren K. Jones
Category: Author in Detail
Posted: 08/03/2011 20:52:39

Loren K. Jones is a US author, who has released his highly successful Dragonblessed series, featuring teenage Stavin Kel Aniston.

The first title in the series is All That Glitters (released late 2010). The final title - Gods Above, Gods Below - will see release some time in 2012. 

There is also his trilogy the Saga of Java Mountainstand, whose heroine is a young teenage girl who is forced to grows up rapidly against the background of conflict. Leaving a life where the only future for a young teenage girl was marriage or servitude (usually both), Java enlists with the Firewalkers, a famed mercenary company. The trilogy follows her adventures, misadventures, and loves, as she tries to adjust to her new life, with surprising results.

But Loren is not just a fantasy fiction writer; he is also interested in science fiction and produced Inadvertent Adventure, a space romp about exploration, conquest and the high price of gambling and staying awake to enjoy your winnings!

He has followed this up with The Confederated Star Systems collection of short stories. These stories are set in the future where Earth has joined the cosmic community although the problems of today translate equally well in the futuristic setting.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Barbara Jones
    The characters are presented in a manner that allows you to follow lives that may actually be lived in another place and time. A story that lets you become one of the characters.
  • Author: Barb Caffrey
    Stavin kel'Aniston is a small boy with the heart of a warrior who is discounted at every turn until he faces a dragon bravely, charms him, then wins dragonscale armor for his trouble. After doing so, he must use his newfound ability to think while under pressure to train as a warrior and find his place in his own society, while winning the woman of his dreams in the process.

    Much of this sounds formulaic, but it's the details that sets Loren K. Jones's work apart -- Stavin's world is well-detailed, with oddities here and there that make it realistic, and Stavin's beloved is an extremely nearsighted scholar who in our world would probably be a librarian but has trained as an archivist/scribe. Jones has peopled his world with vibrant, lifelike characters, and Stavin's dilemmas and difficulties are realistic and true-to-life.

    This is an outstanding coming of age tale, but the best reason to buy this book is because it is an absolutely delightful read. Get this book! (Then get the next one, when it comes out.)
  • Author: Lawrence Tafa
    Loren is an artisan who weaves a very believable tale that draws the reader in without shame, so that you feel very much a witness to what's going on in this fantasy realm of Luxanda.

    That's part of the charm, and ultimate success, of this first story. It makes you want more, and while it may seem simplistic to believe that these things happen so easily and readily - from a jaded 21st Century perspective - it truly doesn't matter.

    Loren weaves a wonderful tale, a believable tale, a simple tale told well. And he entertains you along the way. What more could a reader ask for?

    Four and a half stars for me.
  • Author: Beth Rasmussen
    I've been very lucky to have been able to most of Loren's work -- I am so excited to finally buy the published version.

    Stavin's story is one of my re-read stand-by's -- I go through the entire saga at least twice each year.

    It is a well crafted universe, there is indepth personal development (main character & supporting ones), action, adventure and political intrigue.

    This story also includes as a plot point that most stories skip or gloss over, exactly how would our heroes (family & society) actually support themselves. (No hand waving required.)

    I highly recommend this story (and those that follow). Enjoy!